SINCE 1969
«Nothing must be left to chance because all the elements of success are linked one to the other…».

We have been producing reels in steel, stainless steel and aluminium for wire, rope and cable to Din standards and customer specification since 1969. We also produce reels that can be assembled and disassembled mechanically, pneumatically and
hydraulically and special equipment for handling reels and coils to meet customer needs. We supply solutions for wire drawing and the manufacture and transport of cables in general.
Our position in the market has grown and consolidated over the years as we have expanded and improved our sales and manufacturing units and with the strong emphasis we place on product research and development, we are now recognised worldwide as a leading company in the industry.
Today we have two production plants, one at Remedello (Boxy S.p.A.), the original operating base and headquarters of the company in the province of Brescia, occupying an area of 65,000 m², and one in Slovakia (Boxy RS Sro), occupying 71.000 m². We also have a unit in the United States of America (Mossberg Reel Llc).
The production process is controlled by Cad-Cam procedures, which monitor and control all machinery and parameters.
Boxy has possessed Iso 9001:2000 quality standard certification since 1993 for the design and production of fixed metallic reels, takeapart reels and special reel coiling and handling equipment.
Our distinguishing feature in an increasingly demanding and competitive market is the reliability of our products, prompt delivery and our rigorous fair value for money sales policies. Our commitment to investment in new precision machinery and equipment ensures that in years to come, as in past, our whole manufacturing and supply chain will always employ leading edge technology. We are also making further efforts to improve al assistance to customers and to machinery suppliers.